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Sell on Shopify using print on demand with Gelato

Create and sell custom products globally with just one click. With a 24/7 support team, easy integration with Shopify, and local production in 32 countries, Gelato is an all-in-one platform.

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Print on demand

What is Shopify print on demand?

Print on demand

POD is a retail fulfillment method where custom products are printed on demand after the customer has placed an order for them. Gelato’s Shopify print on demand (Shopify POD) integration is a great way for ecommerce sellers to focus on designing and marketing their products, while Gelato takes care of sustainable order fulfillment and delivery.

Does Shopify offer print on demand natively?

Shopify uses an integration of Gelato’s print on demand (or POD) platform. When an order is placed on a Shopify store, Gelato automatically sends your order to the nearest production fulfillment center, where the products are produced and delivered to your customer. This means there is no inventory, and the merchandise requires zero management, storage, or security.

Why sell on Shopify?

Shopify is quick and easy to set up and intuitive to use. Whether a beginner or a seasoned and experienced seller, Shopify is the ideal ecommerce option. Its fast-loading site and mobile-friendly Shopify print on demand app offer many unique, customizable, high-quality items that can't be beaten. Boost your sales today with Shopify & Gelato to meet all your print on demand business needs.

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Shopify: Ideal for selling products on a print on demand basis

Shopify is a powerful solution for those launching a print on demand business, offering an optimal environment for managing a successful online store.

The easy integration with a leading print on demand provider like Gelato enables Shopify store owners to offer diverse products without the need for maintaining their inventory.

This setup not only ensures high product quality but also facilitates competitive shipping rates, crucial for expanding your print on demand company.


How to use print on demand with Shopify

Apparel MenConnect to GelatoConnect your existing Shopify store to Gelato, and you can continue to sell your existing products or create new products, offering Gelato's sustainable & fast POD services.
Apparel MenStart sellingYour customer browses your amazing Shopify store and places an order for items from your inventory, listed with reasonable domestic and international shipping rates.
Apparel MenTake it easyWe take care of the entire fulfillment process and produce your product closer to your customer. With 130+ production partners in 32 countries, we're not messing around.
Apparel MenThe order is shippedThe order is shipped to the customer. We deliver your products quickly and reliably, with shorter transportation distances and reduced carbon emissions.

What is Gelato and how does it work?

What is Gelato

Gelato has created the world's largest network for local production and distribution of customized print on demand products - without the hassle and financial risk of storing and securing your own inventory or worrying about losing investments on developing products upfront before they sell.

Gelato and Shopify integration

At Gelato, we bring creativity to life and into your print on demand business. Our integration connects your ecommerce Shopify store to 48 product categories, such as greeting cards, t-shirts, hoodies, drink-ware, wall art, and calendars printed by high-quality and sustainable production locations around the globe.

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Connect your Shopify store to Gelato

Our straightforward integration process will substantially boost your print on demand business by making it easier for you to manage your venture. With Gelato, you’ll gain instant access to excellent print services from around the world, ensuring high product quality.

You’ll also enjoy competitive shipping costs, including for international orders, which is always a bonus. Connect your Shopify store with Gelato’s simplified platform to develop and grow your business successfully.

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How Gelato fuels your Shopify ecommerce business

Local production

Gelato powers the world’s largest network of local production hubs for ecommerce sellers. Produce what you need, where and when you need it. Faster, smarter and greener.

Easy to use

Integrate your Shopify ecommerce store to Gelato in seconds to start creating, selling, and adding products to your store.

Risk free

Gelato is free to use, no minimum orders or leftover stock. Because the products are print on demand with Shopify, you only pay for what you sell.

24/7 customer support

We work relentlessly to help you scale your Shopify business and get the most out of the platform. Reach our customer support team anywhere, anytime.

Built for scaling your business

Production in 32 countries ensures reliable, on-time delivery of 10+ million orders to thousands of customers.

Superior quality

Make a lasting impression on your customers with cutting-edge technology and sustainably sourced materials from industry-leading brands.

Create and sell print on demand products on Shopify

Apparel MenApparel
Apparel WomenWall art
Kids clothingDrinkware

Print on demand dropshipping with Shopify + Gelato

Products to sell on Shopify

Choose from our growing selection of print on demand products for your Shopify store that you can personalize with your own designs. With our easy-to-use print on demand service, the custom product options are endless!

From premium t-shirts to high-quality ceramic mugs, Gelato's platform offers a seamless Shopify dropshipping experience, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Providing high-quality products and quick fulfillment times is our mission, while sustainability is at the core of everything we do.


T-shirt dropshipping on Shopify

If you're looking for Shopify t-shirt dropshipping options, look no further than our selection of top-quality t-shirts that can be printed with your unique custom designs. Expanding your Shopify merch offerings is simple with Gelato's print on demand products. You can start selling with confidence on Shopify today!


Easily integrate with Shopify

Gelato's Shopify and print on demand integration was designed with one thing in mind: Making your life easier. Simply upload your designs, and we'll handle everything from printing to reliable logistics, including international shipping.

Using Gelato's Shopify integration will leave you with more time to focus on making best-selling custom designs.


3 Reasons to start a Shopify POD ecommerce business right now

1. It’s free

The first reason to sign up is that you can sign up for free right now with no hidden costs. Immediately see how easy and fun it is to design custom products and sell them to your customers without friction.

2. No overhead

Second, with Shopify, you'll have everything you need to start your online print on demand business offering custom products. And with the seamless Shopify+Gelato integration, you won't need to worry about large upfront costs or inventory management headaches because, with Gelato, you can print on demand over 48 product categories, such as greeting cards, t-shirts, hoodies, drink-ware, wall art, and calendars without minimum order quantities.

3. World-wide delivery

Third, since Gelato offers production in 32 countries, you can offer fast international shipping to customers anywhere in the world. Running a profitable print on demand business has never been easier!

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Gelato is the ideal choice for a Shopify print-on-demand partner

▻ World's largest print-on-demand network

130+ print partners in 32 countries. Gelato is a truly global service.

▻ Sell globally, produce locally

Your products are produced close to your customers, wherever they are.

▻ 100% free editing tools

Create your custom products using our suite of free tools.

▻ 50+logistics partners

Our global network of logistics partners ensures your products are delivered fast.

▻ High-quality products

We partner with the world's leading brands to ensure the best product quality.

▻ Endless creativity

Access millions of images and graphics to create unique products you can sell in your store.

▻ 1-click Shopify integration

Our integration lets you link your merchandise catalog to your own online store with just a click of a button.


The Gelato Network

130+ production partners in 32 countries

Gelato makes the production and delivery of custom products simple, borderless, and programmable. Our teams are based in offices around the world and we process millions of print jobs each year for creators, startups, and large enterprises.

For information about which products are produced locally in which countries, please consult our product catalog.

Gelato Network

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom

Asia Pacific

Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore


Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, USA

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