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May 28th - June 7th 2024 | Hall 9A | Dusseldorf, Germany

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The future is bright

Why Gen Z and the creator economy means new opportunity for printers

See Henrik Muller-Hansen, Gelato CEO's keynote speech at the Drupa Cube

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“GelatoConnect can double the profit margin of a print producer, from 3% industry average to 7%"

McKinsey&Company, after analyzing 92 print producers

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What can GelatoConnect do for your business

Trusted industry experience

Backed by renowned investors and with over 15 years of industry expertise, Gelato is leading the way in future-proofing print production.

Run your business on the go with Gelato's mobile-first approach, and join over 130 partners who have generated millions in revenue using Gelato's software.


Speed and efficiency

Gelato enables you to get started in days, not weeks or months, while also seamlessly scaling with your growth.

With GelatoConnect, you no longer rely on fragmented software landscapes and workflows that all need to be constantly maintained, managed, and supported by expensive resources. Manage your business from a single platform


Scale growth

Gelato helps automate menial tasks to boost team productivity and foster growth.

Through GelatoConnect, traditional printers can seamlessly transition into e-commerce with the production of personalized items and leverage the growing trend of print-on-demand.


GelatoConnect - The future of production

Replace the manual, tedious tasks needed for production with an intuitive, fast, end to end platform that aligns the entire production process from procurement to workflows to logistics.

Connect every step of the production journey and put your production-to-profit process on autopilot, accelerating profitability.


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