Welcome to my “blogazine” entirely dedicated to

gelato (italian ice cream) and its many uses!

“Gelato … it’s  a magic by which a set of simple and excellent quality ingredients, properly mixed and processed, create a delicious food …”

(Valentina Pacini)

I introduce myself:  my name is Valentina, chief editor of this gelato themed magazine .

I love cooking and  I have recently  improved my knowledge in this fascinating subject by attending a specific  course where I  learned the techniques and the basics in order to improve the taste and texture of my gelato preparations.

So, assisted by a team of collaborators,  I’m  publishing this magazine in  order to spread the art and knowledge of the production of genuine homemade italian gelato.

Each recipe is also submitted to a group of volunteers, the “Giuria del Buon Cucchiaio” jury , which tastes and judges my creation.

Here you can learn the techniques to create  real homemade italian gelato,  get suggestions on how to present it and  how to combine multiple flavors altogether  or  follow the creations with the whipped cream maker  which accompany cakes and gelato (italian ice cream).

Moreover, You’ll find informations about events, exhibitions or whatever relates to italian artiasan gelato.

Thank you! 😉

Valentina Pacini




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