The cream whipper is an instrument unknown to many  but very simple in its use.

In addition to the whipped cream used in many preparations, You can create fruit, coffee, chocolate, mascarpone cheese mousse, both sweet and savory, or other creamy desserts.

This are just some of the recipes that I will explain in  the dedicated section.

The cream whipper allows You to create spectacular creations and, as has happened to me several times, to surprise Your  guests with a fun and unusual menu …

It ‘s a tool that consists of four parts:

  •    the container in which to pour the ingredients;
  •    the cap which is screwed onto the container and on which are then loaded CO2 cartridges;
  •    the cartridges of compressed CO2;
  •    the spouts for obtaining different cream shapes.


For all preparations, filter  all liquids carefully with a fine mesh strainer before introducing it in the cream whipper  to prevent solids from damaging the tool.

Below is a short video that explains how to make proper use of a cream whipper.

Good vision,

Valentina Pacini


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