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Self-cooling ice cream makers

The self-cooling ice cream maker is equipped with a compressor, which produces cold instantly and constantly. It adopts the same cooling system of professional ice cream makers and , of course, the quantities produced are lower and the ice cream maker itself visibly costs much less (about € 250.00). Constant temperature is ensured throughout the …

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Freezer bowl ice cream makers

The freezer bowl ice cream maker  is constituted by a drum with gel/liquid filled double walls which his required  to stand in the freezer (pre-freezing) for several hours (sometimes even 20) before use since it i not equipped with an independent compressor  . They are cheaper (about € 50.00) than the compressor fitted models, however, …

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How to use a cream whipper

  The cream whipper is an instrument unknown to many  but very simple in its use. In addition to the whipped cream used in many preparations, You can create fruit, coffee, chocolate, mascarpone cheese mousse, both sweet and savory, or other creamy desserts. This are just some of the recipes that I will explain in  …

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