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30 Apr | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Pancake’s Angel

Pancake with “diplomatic” cream gelato (home-made italian ice cream) variegated with maple syrup.     Welcome back , Easter is coming and, fortunately, the days are getting warmer and is also nice to stay outdoors . For this reason , I revisited this American recipe while planning a brunch on Easter Monday  . The Brunch ( …

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13 Feb | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Love Potion

Chocolate ice cream with fresh ginger and lime.     Do you remember the  fairy tale “The Frog Prince” from  Grimm Brothers? We grew up (at least me) with the belief that the princess, by kissing the frog, had it transformed into a prince, and this is highly educational as it helps the children go …

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24 Dec | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Christmas in Sicily

Cannoli stuffed with ricotta ice cream, rum and dark chocolate flakes, accompanied by slices of orange caramel.     Hello everyone, Christmas is here again and it seems to me yesterday that I was celebrating last year’s !!! To celebrate this wonderful holiday I suggest a trip to Sicily … just with Your imagination of …

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16 Apr | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Easter with a surprise

Gluten free almond tart with carrot gelato (italian ice cream)  saffron flavored .     Welcome back, Today I propose my recipe for Easter. A gluten-free cake with almonds  (if you want you can replace the ‘gluten-free’ flour  with 00 flour), crunchy on the outside, soft and fragrant  inside ; a delicacy! It ‘s also low …

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14 Feb | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

I love You

Sorbet with passion fruit and mango     Welcome back , As every year Valentine‘s Day has come. As you well know today is my name day and I’m used to celebrate it like a birthday, where, instead of gifts, I live it with mawkish romance ( midnight dinner in a spa surrounded by  candlelight? …

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17 Dec | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Children’s Pandoro

Children’s Pandoro: Italian Christmas cake with Bacio gelato (home made italian ice cream)   Hello folks, I created this  Christmas mini pandoro tree dedicated to children. I stuffed it with “bacio” gelato (“kiss” ice cream) , but you can change taste to your liking. Cut the mini  pandoro into  slices, then create the tree and …

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30 Mar | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Pistachio Easter egg

The Easter egg tradition has ancient origins. The ancient Roman farmers were used to bury a red coloured egg in the fields, as a symbol of fertility, believing it to be favorable to the next harvest. It is precisely with the meaning of life that  the egg became part of the Christian tradition, recalling Christ’s …

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26 Mar | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Little Easter bloomy dove

From “uovo di Pasqua (Gianni Rodari)” [Easter egg (Gianni Rodari)] Dall’uovo di Pasqua è uscito un pulcino di gesso arancione col becco turchino. Ha detto: “Vado, mi metto in viaggio e porto a tutti un grande messaggio”. E volteggiando di qua e di là attraversando paesi e città ha scritto sui muri, nel cielo e …

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8 Mar | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Women’s day greethings!

March 8 … Women’s Day.  “Every day is Women’s Day.  Those who just celebrate March 8 is because they feel inferior” (cited Geo)   Here we go again … The phrase, that I agree with,  comes from a friend of mine,  although I like this celebration for the mimosa….not the flower …. the cake! I’ve …

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