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Gelato Masters from Val di Zoldo

Welcome back friends, as I already told you, we spent a wonderful day in Orvieto ,Italy, for the event “I Gelati d’Itaia 2013“. During this event we had the good fortune to meet the Gelato Masters from Val di Zoldo: gelato producers so passionate about their work to move me, they talk about gelato as …

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“I gelati d’Italia 2013” fair

Orvieto 1-5 May 2013 20 regions x 20 gelato flavours   Saturday, May 4, 2013, in a beautiful sunny day we headed out with Valerio and Alessandra (two friends of mine) to Orvieto to participate in “I gelati d’Italia” The event took place in the city center of Orvieto (Italy), which immediately appeared to be  …

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“Italia Gelato Tour 2013”

From Firenze Gelato Festival to Italia Gelato Tour 2013.   Last year Florence has become the gelato world capital , a giant open-air gelato parlor where visitors were able to enjoy the most varied gelato  types. It was not a simple event, but a city-wide event, which involved the wonderful sights and characteristics of Florentine …

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“YagYami style”

Hello and Welcome back, as you know we attended Sigep 2013  in Rimini, Italy. This important gelato fair  has given us the opportunity to come into contact with new companies, which, sometimes, have interesting and innovative products. During the visit we came across a small stand of  YagYami Limited company, which was displaying a new …

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“European Fantasy” my way…

Hello folks! As I announced a few days ago, tomorrow (March 24) is the 1st European Gelato Day. All gelato makers participating in the initiative will offer an “European Fantasy” cup  at a price of € 1. “European Fantasy”  is a fiordilatte  (milk flavour) varied gelato (home-made italian ice cream) with chocolate topping and almond pralines. …

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Ronci olive oil

Hello everyone! As you read some time ago, I used flavored oil in one of my own creations for Valentine’s Day: hot chocolate cake accompanied by creamy vanilla gelato and flavored with hot pepper oil. The oil in the recipe comes from the  Ronci mill that is  located in the countryside around Bevagna (near Perugia, …

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“1st European Artisanal Gelato Day”

Hello folks, You might not know that March 24, 2013 will be the 1st European Artisanal Gelato Day. It is an initiative which was officially established by the European Parliament in Salzburg July 5, 2012 where 378 parliamentarians agreed that the European Artisanal Gelato Day (read the original declaration) is a unique opportunity to promote gelato …

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