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2nd European Artisanal Gelato Day

  Welcome back , in a few days , precisely on March 24,   the initiative promoted by Longarone Fiere and made ​​official by the European Parliament to promote artisanal gelato will be repeated : it will be the 2nd European Artisanal Gelato Day . For this edition it has been chosen ” Stracciatella of Europe” taste …

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Cooking show at Agugliano 2013

Welcome back, our recent trip to Agugliano for the annual Gelato (Ice Cream) Festival gave us pleasant surprises and moments that will remain forever etched in our minds. During  the cooking show we had the chance to see and taste the work of a great Italian gelato Master : Mr. Santo Musumeci. Gelato (ice cream) …

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Whipped Cream Siphon

Instructions for use.   “I was sick of heavy and tasteless mousse . Thanks to the siphon used for whipping cream I knew I had found the right machine to make foams made with  vegetables , fresh and dried fruits, herbs and spices. “   This is how one of the most respected chefs in …

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History of artisanal gelato

Artisanal gelato (Italian ice cream) has ancient origins: in the Genesis, it is said that Isaac offered Abraham goat’s milk mixed with snow (a kind of sorbet); the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt were used to offer goblets filled with fruit juices and snow and even Alexander the Great quenched with beverages made from fruit or …

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Artisanal Gelato (ice cream) preparation

In addition to the ingredients that I already described in another post, to prepare a good “homemade” gelato  (ice cream) You need a few simple tools: scale; cooking thermometer; whip; gelato (ice cream) maker machine (Counter-top or Small freezer-unit). Below is a step by step explanation on how  to prepare the best gelato (ice cream) …

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Test: YagYami Doll

Hello and welcome back, some time ago we reviewed a very particular object from  YagYami Limited company. “YagYami doll” consists of a gelato ( ice cream ) dispenser made of safe , totally non-toxic, food-grade plastic, representing famous cartoon characters and comprising an internal, manually controlled, mechanism, with no electrical parts or anything dangerous to …

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News from Agugliano 2013

Agugliano, Italy, “Gelato Artigianale Festival” 7-8-9 June 2013   Welcome back, The 4th Gelato Artigianale Festival in  Agugliano, Italy ended on June 9, 2013 ; attended  on both Saturday and Sunday to closely follow the tasteful event. There was a surprisingly high number of proposed tastes and You could also see lectures and a …

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Artisanal gelato: ingredients

Gelato (italian ice cream)  in addition to being a great, refreshing, dessert , is also a good meal replacement and an effective help in low-calories diets (especially fruit gelato or sorbet), as all nutrition experts say. Excellent raw materials are a must to obtain a good quality product.. Gelato  (italian ice cream) can be distinguished into …

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“Firenze Gelato Festival 2013”

Hello to all, as mentioned earlier, Saturday, May 18, 2013 we took a ride  to Florence, Italy,  for the “Firenze Gelato Festival 2013” (“Florence Ice Cream Festival 2013”) Luckily, after a week of rain, the weather was kind to us and saved us a bad adventure … even if we were prepared and brought umbrellas …

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4th Artisanal Gelato Festival

“4th Artisanal Gelato Festival” – 7/9 June 2013   Almost a year has passed since my “gastronomic enlightenment” and now we will return again to Agugliano, Italy, where, in the  former Convent of d’Emilio Castel , a very important event for Italian artisanal gelato will be held : the “4th Artisanal Gelato Festival.” Here they  …

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