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Green tea and Jasmine Sorbet

Green tea and jasmine flowers Sorbet   Welcome back, Today I propose a recipe for green tea and jasmine flowers sorbet. I love tea in all its forms (warm, cold, cocktails or long drinks, whether alcoholic or not, or as sorbet), so even if this summer is not the most torrid one, a cup of …

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Mint Gelato

Mint Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)   Hello, Today I propose You my recipe for mint gelato (home-made italian ice cream), even if this is not a real gelato since  neither milk nor cream are present. It ‘a mixture of sugar syrup in the right proportions flavored with fresh aromatic mint. The leaves of this …

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Pear Sorbet

Pear Sorbet (home made italian ice cream) Welcome back, today I propose the pear sorbet; I used the “Williams” pear variety but you can use what you like best, the essential thing is to adjust sugar depending on fruit sweetness of the and , as always, you have to buy excellent quality ripe fruit ! …

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I love You

Sorbet with passion fruit and mango     Welcome back , As every year Valentine‘s Day has come. As you well know today is my name day and I’m used to celebrate it like a birthday, where, instead of gifts, I live it with mawkish romance ( midnight dinner in a spa surrounded by  candlelight? …

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Apricot sorbet

Apricot sorbet (home made italian ice cream)     Welcome back, winter is coming, and , I’m honest, I do not really like all the “appurtenances” of this season. Therefore, to remember the summer just passed, I propose a very good sorbet (italian “sorbetto”). I recommend, as always, to use very ripe fruit  because otherwise …

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Lactose free Coffee Gelato

Lactose free Coffee Gelato (home-made italian ice cream).   Coffee is a popular drink in the world, with different flavours and characteristics sometimes far  from what we are accustomed to drink  in Italy with moka, not to mention espresso coffee … Every time I go on holiday abroad my main problem is precisely that of …

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Chocolate and hazelnuts Gelato (home-made italian ice cream) lactose free.   Welcome back! For those who suffer from lactose intolerance or allergy, the classic Nutella is a forbidden food , and consequently also Nutella ice cream. I thought to prepare gelato (ice cream)  replacing Nutella with chocolate cream and hazelnuts Valsoya. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients: …

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Lactose free rice milk cream gelato

Lactose free rice milk cream gelato (artisanal home-made ice cream)   Welcome back, with this recipe I want to help all those people who, being lactose intolerant, can not enjoy a good ice cream. Gelatomyway has a “intolerance lacotse-free” category for those who are intolerant to lactose, but so far I have included only recipes of …

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Welcome back, have you ever heard of kiwana? Kiwana: an exotic animal, an African country, a river … None of this: it is a sorbet made ​​with kiwi and banana ! I wanted to experience this taste suggested to me by Lorenzo Marconi of “Le botteghe di Leonardo” at the Gelato (ice cream)  Festival in …

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Melon Sorbetto

This sorbet brings me back to almost exactly 10 months ago … At the gelato course in which I participated, I have observed their preparation of this sorbet. I had never tasted  a flavor so intense and rich,  not icy on the palate and with a velvety texture. It has left me stunned. Here is …

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