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Chocolate of Austria

Chocolate gelato (home-made Italian ice cream) variegated with apricot jam .     Welcome back , like every year we celebrated the 3rd European Gelato Day . For this occasion  ” Chocolate of Austria “( ie chocolate varied with apricot jam) has been chosen and  that has been sold at € 1 by participating ice-cream …

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Love Potion

Chocolate ice cream with fresh ginger and lime.     Do you remember the  fairy tale “The Frog Prince” from  Grimm Brothers? We grew up (at least me) with the belief that the princess, by kissing the frog, had it transformed into a prince, and this is highly educational as it helps the children go …

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Spirulina Gelato

Spirulina Gelato (home made Italian ice cream)   Welcome back, it’s been quite a while that I  was studying this recipe and finally, after several attempts, I found a good combination of ingredients for the seaweed spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) gelato ( ice cream) . For the uninitiated,  Spirulina is an edible green-blue (due to the presence …

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Christmas in Sicily

Cannoli stuffed with ricotta ice cream, rum and dark chocolate flakes, accompanied by slices of orange caramel.     Hello everyone, Christmas is here again and it seems to me yesterday that I was celebrating last year’s !!! To celebrate this wonderful holiday I suggest a trip to Sicily … just with Your imagination of …

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Goji Berries Gelato

Goji gelato (home-made italian ice cream).     Welcome back, it is a bit ‘of time I hear about goji berries … I read up a bit’ and then I bought some to try them. I’ve been eating goji berries for a few months, replacing mid-morning and afternoon snacks ; they are good, give a lot …

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Autumnal Persimmon Gelato

Persimmon gelato (home-made italian ice cream) with Rum sauce.     Welcome back, here I am with a very tasty ice cream recipe made with persimmons (or khaki), together with a Rum liquor sauce. Even if Italy has been regarded as  the “Land of khaki” in a famous song by the italian group “Elio e …

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Green tea and Jasmine Sorbet

Green tea and jasmine flowers Sorbet   Welcome back, Today I propose a recipe for green tea and jasmine flowers sorbet. I love tea in all its forms (warm, cold, cocktails or long drinks, whether alcoholic or not, or as sorbet), so even if this summer is not the most torrid one, a cup of …

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Mint Gelato

Mint Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)   Hello, Today I propose You my recipe for mint gelato (home-made italian ice cream), even if this is not a real gelato since  neither milk nor cream are present. It ‘a mixture of sugar syrup in the right proportions flavored with fresh aromatic mint. The leaves of this …

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White Chocolate Mousse

White Chocolate Mousse (with cream whipper)   Welcome back, Today I propose a recipe for the cream whipper: a white chocolate mousse. White chocolate is a product of chocolate processing. It is commonly made from cocoa butter, sugar and derivatives of milk solids. Its flavor is very delicate and suited to accompany gelato (ice cream) …

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Pear Sorbet

Pear Sorbet (home made italian ice cream) Welcome back, today I propose the pear sorbet; I used the “Williams” pear variety but you can use what you like best, the essential thing is to adjust sugar depending on fruit sweetness of the and , as always, you have to buy excellent quality ripe fruit ! …

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