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“Zuccotto My Way”

Zuccotto stuffed with  tiramisu’ gelato (home-made italian ice cream)   Welcome back, Today I propose a recipe for italian  Zuccotto (translate it as “skullcap”) filled with mascarpone gelato. It may seem a bit of a caloric dessert , but I assure You it is really delicious!!! Instead of sponge cake, I used a cocoa and water …

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“Stracciatella” of Europe

Gelato “Stracciatella” of Europe, home-made italian gelato (ice cream) with orange juice.   Welcome back, as you already know, March 24, 2014 we celebrate the 2nd European Artisanal Gelato Day . The event, created in Longarone  at the MIG (international gelato show) 2008,  was officially recognized by the European Parliament in Strasbourg  in July 5, …

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“Tiramisu” Gelato

“Tiramisu” Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)     Welcome back, today I propose the “Tiramisu” gelato. The birth of the classic Tiramisu cake is not well identified, although some date it back to the ’60s in Veneto region (Italy) at the restaurant “Alle Beccherie” of Treviso. The pastry chef of the restaurant, Roberto Linguanotto, who …

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Popcorn Gelato

Pop corn Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)     Hands up who does not like popcorn ! Surely no one … I like it a lot, especially the hot ones that are just broken out especially at the cinema. And it is just thinking about cinema, where the various “cronk” disturb the projected movie, that …

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Children’s Pandoro

Children’s Pandoro: Italian Christmas cake with Bacio gelato (home made italian ice cream)   Hello folks, I created this  Christmas mini pandoro tree dedicated to children. I stuffed it with “bacio” gelato (“kiss” ice cream) , but you can change taste to your liking. Cut the mini  pandoro into  slices, then create the tree and …

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“…Oh Chérie?” Cup

Chocolate gelato (italian homemade ice cream) with Kirsch and cherry liqueur.   Welcome back, with this gorgeous gelato cup , I would like to say goodbye to the summer and welcome autumn … I consider this time of year the most sad and gloomy, so what could be better than a good gelato in memory …

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Rocher Gelato (home-made italian ice cream).   Welcome back, at Agugliano Gelato Fair, as you may know, I met again the Gelato Masters of  Zoldo Valley (Italy). They are absolutely fantastic and always generous with advises, in fact, chatting friendly with them about techniques, ingredients  balancing and anything else,  I have unlocked the secret of  …

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Tiramisù gelato cup “my way”

“Tiramisu” cream gelato cup (italian home-made ice cream) with fresh strawberries and white chocolate chips.   07-September-19 … Today is my birthday  and this birthday in particular is crucial fo me, a year of change, a transition … To celebrate myself  I created this delicious gelato ( ice cream)” tiramisu”, which I revisited in a …

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Figs walnuts and honey gelato cup

Plain gelato Cup (italian home-made ice cream) varied with caramelized figs , walnuts and honey.     Yesterday I tried this combination I had in mind for a while to delight some friends I invited for dinner. The only precaution is to prepare caramelized figs and then let them cool for a moment, because otherwise gelato …

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“Zuccotto Fiorentino”

Welcome back, while taking part to the cooking show  at “Firenze Gelato Festival,” I attended at the creation of the famous “Zuccotto fiorentino”. The gelato (hand-made italian ice cream) Master presented it in a professional version, with alternating layers of gelato ( ice cream), chocolate and sponge cake; today I’ll show you the “classic zuccotto …

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