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Kiwi Gelato

Kiwi Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)     Welcome back, Today I propose you my recipe for kiwi gelato. This fruit has originated in China, but now Italy is the leading producer. In addition, kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, much more than citrus. I recommend, as always, to choose ripe fruit …

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White chocolate Gelato

White chocolate Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)     Welcome back, here is  a very tasty and versatile white chocolate gelato recipe. This type of chocolate is a derivative of  chocolate processing and is composed of sugar and cocoa butter; white chocolate has a color that is close to ivory and a texture that resembles …

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Amaretto Gelato

Amaretto Gelato (Italian home-made ice cream)     Welcome back, today I propose a very special recipe: the Italian amaretto gelato. Amaretto biscuit is  of Arab origin, and was widespread throughout Europe thanks to its long preservation times. In Italy there are two kinds of amaretto biscuits: one called “Saronno”, very crisp and  one called …

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Lactose free Coffee Gelato

Lactose free Coffee Gelato (home-made italian ice cream).   Coffee is a popular drink in the world, with different flavours and characteristics sometimes far  from what we are accustomed to drink  in Italy with moka, not to mention espresso coffee … Every time I go on holiday abroad my main problem is precisely that of …

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Macadamia Gelato

Macadamia Gelato (artisanal home-made ice cream)     Welcome back friends, Macadamia nut was discovered by a pair of British botanists in 1858, but it was already known by Australian aborigines at least  500 years before; the name derives from the surname of one of the botanists, McAdam. It is grown in Australia as well …

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Chocolate and hazelnuts Gelato (home-made italian ice cream) lactose free.   Welcome back! For those who suffer from lactose intolerance or allergy, the classic Nutella is a forbidden food , and consequently also Nutella ice cream. I thought to prepare gelato (ice cream)  replacing Nutella with chocolate cream and hazelnuts Valsoya. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients: …

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Melon Gelato

 Melon Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)   “… It’s the end, the end, the end of summer The end, the end, the end what a bummer…”    Steel Monkeys sang a few years ago and with this refrain in my ears and a melon in my hands, one of the last of the season, I …

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Apricot Gelato

Apricot Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)   The apricot is a summer fruit that I love. In addition to being very good to eat, it is versatile in the kitchen: it can be used in different ways from  marmalade to fruit salads, from cakes to cupcakes and up to  gelato (ice cream)  and it is …

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Cherries Gelato

Cherries Gelato (home-made italian ice cream).   “I love short writings, indeed, the very short ones and the small but delicious fruits that ripen in June. The sour, bitter  and savory black cherries and the cherries,  sweet, red and sensual like a kiss. “   This is the beginning of a book that I read …

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Figs Gelato

Figs Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)   Welcome back, during summer fig is one of my absolute favorite fruits; eaten either in  purity or as a starter with ham, it’s   food that must always be present in my larder. Despite this , I ate fig gelato (ice cream) only once in a gelato parlor … …

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