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3 Nov | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Green tea and Jasmine Sorbet

Green tea and jasmine flowers Sorbet   Welcome back, Today I propose a recipe for green tea and jasmine flowers sorbet. I love tea in all its forms (warm, cold, cocktails or long drinks, whether alcoholic or not, or as sorbet), so even if this summer is not the most torrid one, a cup of …

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11 Sep | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Mint Gelato

Mint Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)   Hello, Today I propose You my recipe for mint gelato (home-made italian ice cream), even if this is not a real gelato since  neither milk nor cream are present. It ‘a mixture of sugar syrup in the right proportions flavored with fresh aromatic mint. The leaves of this …

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16 Jul | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

White Chocolate Mousse

White Chocolate Mousse (with cream whipper)   Welcome back, Today I propose a recipe for the cream whipper: a white chocolate mousse. White chocolate is a product of chocolate processing. It is commonly made from cocoa butter, sugar and derivatives of milk solids. Its flavor is very delicate and suited to accompany gelato (ice cream) …

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18 Jun | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Pear Sorbet

Pear Sorbet (home made italian ice cream) Welcome back, today I propose the pear sorbet; I used the “Williams” pear variety but you can use what you like best, the essential thing is to adjust sugar depending on fruit sweetness of the and , as always, you have to buy excellent quality ripe fruit ! …

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16 Apr | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Easter with a surprise

Gluten free almond tart with carrot gelato (italian ice cream)  saffron flavored .     Welcome back, Today I propose my recipe for Easter. A gluten-free cake with almonds  (if you want you can replace the ‘gluten-free’ flour  with 00 flour), crunchy on the outside, soft and fragrant  inside ; a delicacy! It ‘s also low …

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14 Apr | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

“Zuccotto My Way”

Zuccotto stuffed with  tiramisu’ gelato (home-made italian ice cream)   Welcome back, Today I propose a recipe for italian  Zuccotto (translate it as “skullcap”) filled with mascarpone gelato. It may seem a bit of a caloric dessert , but I assure You it is really delicious!!! Instead of sponge cake, I used a cocoa and water …

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22 Mar | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

“Stracciatella” of Europe

Gelato “Stracciatella” of Europe, home-made italian gelato (ice cream) with orange juice.   Welcome back, as you already know, March 24, 2014 we celebrate the 2nd European Artisanal Gelato Day . The event, created in Longarone  at the MIG (international gelato show) 2008,  was officially recognized by the European Parliament in Strasbourg  in July 5, …

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15 Feb | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

Kiwi Gelato

Kiwi Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)     Welcome back, Today I propose you my recipe for kiwi gelato. This fruit has originated in China, but now Italy is the leading producer. In addition, kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, much more than citrus. I recommend, as always, to choose ripe fruit …

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14 Feb | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

I love You

Sorbet with passion fruit and mango     Welcome back , As every year Valentine‘s Day has come. As you well know today is my name day and I’m used to celebrate it like a birthday, where, instead of gifts, I live it with mawkish romance ( midnight dinner in a spa surrounded by  candlelight? …

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8 Feb | GelatoMyWay | No Comments

White chocolate Gelato

White chocolate Gelato (home-made italian ice cream)     Welcome back, here is  a very tasty and versatile white chocolate gelato recipe. This type of chocolate is a derivative of  chocolate processing and is composed of sugar and cocoa butter; white chocolate has a color that is close to ivory and a texture that resembles …

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