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Lime Shots

Who wants a lime shot? Don’t worry, there’s no alcohol, only tiers of sweet greediness.   With the arrival of the summer, shots come back in fashion…I love them (especially, when they containing rum). I swear it, I’m not an alcoholic, but rum drives me crazy!!! Recently, I was on holiday and I ate a …

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Pancake’s Angel

Pancake with “diplomatic” cream gelato (home-made italian ice cream) variegated with maple syrup.     Welcome back , Easter is coming and, fortunately, the days are getting warmer and is also nice to stay outdoors . For this reason , I revisited this American recipe while planning a brunch on Easter Monday  . The Brunch ( …

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Easter with a surprise

Gluten free almond tart with carrot gelato (italian ice cream)  saffron flavored .     Welcome back, Today I propose my recipe for Easter. A gluten-free cake with almonds  (if you want you can replace the ‘gluten-free’ flour  with 00 flour), crunchy on the outside, soft and fragrant  inside ; a delicacy! It ‘s also low …

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“Zuccotto My Way”

Zuccotto stuffed with  tiramisu’ gelato (home-made italian ice cream)   Welcome back, Today I propose a recipe for italian  Zuccotto (translate it as “skullcap”) filled with mascarpone gelato. It may seem a bit of a caloric dessert , but I assure You it is really delicious!!! Instead of sponge cake, I used a cocoa and water …

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Children’s Pandoro

Children’s Pandoro: Italian Christmas cake with Bacio gelato (home made italian ice cream)   Hello folks, I created this  Christmas mini pandoro tree dedicated to children. I stuffed it with “bacio” gelato (“kiss” ice cream) , but you can change taste to your liking. Cut the mini  pandoro into  slices, then create the tree and …

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Bavarian soft fruit cream

Welcome back, Today I present You one of my favorite desserts: the Bavarian cream … soft fruit version (could You doubt it?). I propose  portions  served directly in the cup, because for some very important dinners,  I happened to present it this way; it looks elegant, even if it requires much more space in the …

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“Zuccotto Fiorentino”

Welcome back, while taking part to the cooking show  at “Firenze Gelato Festival,” I attended at the creation of the famous “Zuccotto fiorentino”. The gelato (hand-made italian ice cream) Master presented it in a professional version, with alternating layers of gelato ( ice cream), chocolate and sponge cake; today I’ll show you the “classic zuccotto …

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Chocolate surprise

Hello , You might already know that my name is Valentina. This year I decided to celebrate  Valentine’s day with a  special recipe, so “hot” You’ll not be able to resist it : hot chocolate cake   accompanied by creamy vanilla gelato (home-made italian ice cream) and flavored with hot pepper oil. Ingredients for the cake …

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