Gelato (italian ice cream) in addition to being a great, refreshing, dessert , is also a good meal replacement and an effective help in low-calories diets (especially fruit gelato or sorbet), as all nutrition experts say.

Excellent raw materials are a must to obtain a good quality product..

Gelato (italian ice cream) can be distinguished into two subcategories: creme and fruit.

Milk (both fresh powder) and cream are the elements common to all gelato (italian ice cream) recipes cream based: with these ingredients gelato is more creamy, “hot” to the palate and with a higher energy value .

Fruit gelato (italian ice cream) is , in turn, divided in sorbet (made with fruit and water) and real fruit gelato (using milk and / or cream).

Ingredients of the creams:

Milk is a solution of 90% of water and the remaining parts are fats, proteins and sugars (lactose).

Milk fats make gelato (italian ice cream) creamy while proteins stabilize the entrapped air during the freezing process and give gelato a less icy feeling on the palate; finally, sugars (lactose) give consistency to the mixture and prevent crystallization of water molecules without additional sweetness.

Powdered milk used in the recipes, is needed just to increase both the amount of protein and that of lactose present in milk, without sweetening the mixture.

Cream is the fluid portion of the milk that is richer in fat: it is added to the preparation to give gelato (ice cream ) creaminess .

Sugar (sucrose) is the most common and used for all homemade sweet preparations and is in fact also a key ingredient in the preparation of gelato ( ice cream).

In many recipes, I suggest to replace sucrose with dextrose , this sweetener has a high anti-freeze property, so its use helps to make gelato less “cold” on the palate and prevents the crystallization of water molecules.

Stabilizers, also called “neutrals”, are products of natural origin, which act and interact with the other ingredients used for the preparation of homemade gelato (ice cream).

One of the main characteristics of the stabilizers is that they help keep the mixture stable, they are the heart of gelato (ice cream), they have the function to emulsify fats and stabilize the incorporated air .
The most commonly used are: carob flour and guar seed.

Carob has the ability to make gelato (ice cream) more viscous, because it absorbs water and creates a structure that slows the dissolution of gelato (ice cream) itself; guar is perfect to absorb the air during gelato (ice cream) freezing .

So, by incorporating more air, thanks to guar, and slowing the dissolution, by means of carob, you can easily understand that a healthy mix of the two helps getting a good gelato (ice cream); I just use a ready-made product that mixes the two stabilizers and the result is really fantastic.

[box type=”info”] Pasteurization of the mixture (up to 85 ┬░ C) is fundamental in all gelato ( ice cream) preparations, because, in addition to ensuring the reduction of bacterial content, it promotes the mixing of ingredients improving the gelato (ice cream) “texture” .[/box]

Ingredients of sorbet:

Water is one of the main ingredients of all fruit sorbet: helps to dissolve and mix together all the ingredients.

Fruit contains sugar and water in different proportions depending on the type used.

Sugar (see above)

Stabilizers are different from those used for gelato (ice cream) because they do not require pasteurization to activate their properties.

And now you just need to start producing your own special gelato …

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