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Lime Shots

Who wants a lime shot?

Don’t worry, there’s no alcohol,

only tiers of sweet greediness.


With the arrival of the summer, shots come back in fashion…I love them (especially, when they containing rum). I swear it, I’m not an alcoholic, but rum drives me crazy!!!

Recently, I was on holiday and I ate a delicious monoportion lime cake, the recipe I suggest come from that tasting…but it doesn’t respect neither the composition nor the shape, even if I hope to make it fresh and palatable like the one I tasted.

I changed it as if it were a shot, made by a crunchy base (similar to that contained in the cheesecake), a fresh lime and lemon cream,  and an italian meringue as topping.

Kinda Lemon Tart (freshed by lime), but in a shot, perfect for summer outdoor dinners.




For the crunchy base:

100 g of biscuits like Digestive
40 g of brown sugar Demerara
50 g melted butter


For the lime cream (inspired by an Alex Servida’s recipe):

100 g of milk
80 g of lemon juice
70 g of lime juice
275 g of eggs
110 g of sugar
260 of white chocolate


For the Italian meringue (recipe taken from NSZ Volum 1 by Iginio Massari):

200 g of egg whites
50 g of caster sugar (1st part)
100 g of water
350 g of caster sugar (2nd part)



Lime slices
Lime grated rind




Start the day before, preparing the lime cream: bring to a weak boil, mixing the milk, the lime and lemon juice, the slightly beaten eggs and sugar, continuously with the whisk.

Put the white chocolate in a high immersion mixer bowl and immediately pour the hot cream; wait a few minutes, then mix all the ingredients and let it rest in the fridge for at least 8 hours with the pellicle in contact with the cream.

Prepare the Italian meringue, putting the water in  a pan with the 2nd part of the caster sugar and cook til 121 °C; at the same time, whip the egg whites with the 1st part of the caster sugar, poured out 2 or 3 times.

When the temperature of the sugar will reach 118 °C, increase the whisk velocity, remove the pan from the hob e pour flush in the bowl containing the whipped egg whites, decreasing the speed to the minimum.

Increase the speed of the cooking robot again and whip til you’ll get a firm and shiny meringue; usually it’s ready when touching the bowl, you can feel the same temperature of your hand.

Meanwhile, prepare the crunchy base, grinding the biscuits (this process can be made both with a blade blender, and both putting the biscuits in a tied bag and override with a rolling pin), then mix with the melted butter; add the brown sugar and mix again.




Get the shots, you can use those made of plastic (like THESE), or those made of glass (like THESE), even those jars with lid (like THESE); the choice will depend on both the budget you have, and the number of diners… you can use the liquor shots too, different from each other. What’s important is that they are transparent, to let us see the layers.

Put on the bottom of the shots a spoonful of crunchy base; lay a tier of lime and lemon cream with the sac à poche, and end with a taft of Italian meringue made with another sac à poche.

If you want, you can flame the meringue with a blowpipe (if you haven’t it, you can buy it HERE) and decorate with half a slice of lime or with lime grated rind (I recommend, as always, only the green part!!!)



Valentina Pacini


* Translated by Laura Pescarolo *



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