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Candy Crush color bomb gelato

” Fiordipanna”  gelato (home made italian ice cream)

with caramel topping  and Candy Crush color bomb cookies




For all those who still feel young and persist in wanting to remain eternal Peter Pans, here is a funny  ice cream , colorful and very tasty …

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love playing Candy Crush game and I’m in good company: millions of people every day, in every part of the world, have fun with this enjoyable game .

When I found Candy Crush candies for sale , I could not resist and I tried to make an ice cream that could enhance the chocolate  “color bomb” flavor .

Here is the result:


½ l. of whole milk
165 ml. of cream
125 gr. of sugar (if  available , replace 50 gr. of sucrose with dextrose)
15 gr. milk powder
3 gr. of stabilizer
A pinch of salt
Caramel topping
A box of Candy Crush Color Bomb candies


Mix all dry ingredients together, then add milk and 65 ml of cream and having well mixed , add half of a vanilla bean and the seeds thereof.

Put the mix in a saucepan  and bring to 85 ° C over medium heat with the help of a thermometer.

Allow the emulsion to cool down , meanwhile turn on the ice cream maker machine and add 100 ml of cream to the mixture.

Stir the mixture for about 30-40 min. or until you see a well mounted gelato.

At this point, while the blades are still running , add the caramel topping .

Crumble a dozen Candy Crush bombs chocolate cookies in the ice cream, and  sprinkle over some  for decoration.

Let stand for about 1 hour in the freezer …

Good taste explosion !!!


Valentina Pacini


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