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Christmas in Sicily

Cannoli stuffed with ricotta ice cream, rum

and dark chocolate flakes, accompanied

by slices of orange caramel.



Hello everyone,

Christmas is here again and it seems to me yesterday that I was celebrating last year’s !!!

To celebrate this wonderful holiday I suggest a trip to Sicily … just with Your imagination of course !!!!

This is my Christmas gift to all of You …

In Sicily “cannoli” pastries (or little tubes) are consumed throughout the year  but these are an irrevocable tradition during the holidays.

Here follows my recipe in the ice cream interpretation:

 Ingredients (for the ice cream):

125 gr. sugar (if available, substitute sugar with 50 gr. of dextrose)
300 ml. of whole milk
50 ml. of  liquid cream
300 gr. of  ricotta cheese
10 gr. of skimmed milk powder
1 egg yolk
3 gr. of stabilizer
a pinch of salt
1 vanilla bean
1 tablespoon of  rum (optional)
100 gr.  of dark chocolate



Mix all dry ingredients together in a small saucepan, then add milk, cream and eggs and bring to 85 ° C over medium heat with the help of a thermometer .

Allow  the emulsion to cool down to room temperature , then add ricotta cheese (I chose cow ricotta cheese, but you can use the  mixed milk one ,  from sheep or even buffalo) and a tablespoon of rum; mix well and stir in the ice cream maker machine until you see a well mounted ice cream  (usually about 30 minutes).

While stirring ice cream  in the  machine, chop the dark chocolate and add it to the ice cream, a little at a time, while the blades are still in operation.

For this recipe I bought the skins of gluten-free cannoli at a trade show, but if you want to try, there are several recipes on the web, all good ones such as this for a cannoli pastry from the legendary chef  Maurizio “Black” Santin  :


Ingredients (for cannoli):

150 g of flour
1 tablespoon of ground coffee
1 tablespoon of cocoa
1 tablespoon of sugar
clarified butter 10 g
dry white wine



Mix all ingredients until you have a smooth and elastic paste, cover with paper film and leave in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours.

Pull the dough, with the help of a machine for fresh pasta, (measure n. 4) and cut it into square sheets .

Fry it until golden brown and then dry it with paper towels to eliminate excess oil.

For the classic version just wrap the squares of dough on cylinders and, after cooking, remove the cylinders when cannoli are cold.

Put ice cram in each cannoli and let it rest in the freezer for at least half an hour …


For the composition:

2 oranges
50 gr. sugar


Cut “live” an orange and the other half, then squeeze the juice of remaining half in a pan and add sugar.

Bring juice and sugar to caramelization over medium heat until you obtain the desired color.

In a dish arrange cannoli, the orange slices and garnish with caramel …

I wish You all a Merry Christmas  !!!


Valentina Pacini


Christmas in Sicily

Christmas in Sicily

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