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Freezer bowl ice cream makers

The freezer bowl ice cream maker  is constituted by a drum with gel/liquid filled double walls which his required  to stand in the freezer (pre-freezing) for several hours (sometimes even 20) before use since it i not equipped with an independent compressor  .

They are cheaper (about € 50.00) than the compressor fitted models, however, they can  just prepare one ice cream at a time and need a large freezer to hold the bowl.

The ice cream resulting from this kind of ice cream is mediocre, just because cold is not constant throughout the whisking.

In my opinion this type of ice cream maker is strongly limiting for those who use it often, for those who have a large family and for anyone who wants to make ice cream in the right way.

Below is a video demonstration on how to use this type of ice cream maker.


Valentina Pacini



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