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2nd European Artisanal Gelato Day


Welcome back ,

in a few days , precisely on March 24,   the initiative promoted by Longarone Fiere and made ​​official by the European Parliament to promote artisanal gelato will be repeated : it will be the 2nd European Artisanal Gelato Day .

For this edition it has been chosen ” Stracciatella of Europe” taste (milk based gelato with chocolate and orange juice)  , in commemoration of its inventor, recently deceased, Enrico Panattoni that , after repeated experiments , found the right combination between sweetness of the cream and strength of dark chocolate ,  and since it aesthetically looked like a “stracciata romana” (Rome, Italy) soup,  it was called “Stracciatella“.

Like the previous year , the gelato  parlours will sell  ” Stracciatella of Europe” gelato cups at a price of € 1.00 each.

Soon we will offer the recipe for this delicious taste, and maybe even some connected initiative …

See you soon !


Valentina Pacini


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