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I love You

Sorbet with passion fruit and mango



Welcome back ,

As every year Valentine‘s Day has come.

As you well know today is my name day and I’m used to celebrate it like a birthday, where, instead of gifts, I live it with mawkish romance ( midnight dinner in a spa surrounded by  candlelight? ) …Yes!! Let’s do  it !

This year , waiting to find out how I will spend the most sugary  day , I decided to recommend a recipe for an unusual and low in calories sorbet ,  suitable for everyone : passion fruit and mango, perfect after a seafood dinner by candlelight …

Passion fruit is a plant native to South America, the genus Passiflora , also known by the name of passion fruit , so called because the shape of the flower reminds the hammer and nails of the Passion of Jesus

The soft flesh is full of small seeds and has a very distinctive and intense aroma , used in the production of fruit juices , ice cream etc.

There are two main varieties of passion fruit , the fruits of which differ in size and color of the skin , red or yellow , respectively .

The fresh fruit contains provitamin A (beta carotene ), vitamin C, fiber and iron in significant quantities; the juice is a good source of potassium , with very few calories.

Here’s the recipe …


200 gr. of passion fruit pulp
200 gr. of mango pulp
120 gr. of sugar
300 ml of water
4 gr. of stabilizer


Measure water, then pour sugar and mango and passion fruit pulp , blend well in a blender and strain through a fine-mesh strainer.

Add stabilizer and mix again, then put the liquid in the gelato maker machine and stir for at least 25/30 minutes.

When it is ready, let it rest in the freezer for at least half an hour to enjoy it in pure taste, otherwise drop and pour a couple of tablespoons of sorbet  into a bubbly flute of italian spumante wine …

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


Valentina Pacini


I love You

I love You


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