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Amaretto Gelato

Amaretto Gelato (Italian home-made ice cream)



Welcome back,

today I propose a very special recipe: the Italian amaretto gelato.

Amaretto biscuit is  of Arab origin, and was widespread throughout Europe thanks to its long preservation times.

In Italy there are two kinds of amaretto biscuits: one called “Saronno”, very crisp and  one called “Sassello”, soft and similar to marzipan.

Both kinds, however, have similar round shape with cracks on the upper side.

Below is the recipe that I invite you to try because it’s really delicious!


½ l. of milk
65 gr. of cream
125 gr. sugar (if available, replace 50 g. of sucrose with dextrose)
15 gr. of milk powder
3 gr. of stabilizer
Pinch of salt
40 gr. amaretto paste (or 100 gr. of amaretto biscuits)
10 amaretto biscuits


Mix all dry ingredients together, then add the liquids and mix well, then put the mix in a small saucepan and heat gently up to 85 ° with the help of a thermometer.

Let the emulsion to cool down, then add the amaretto  paste if you have it, otherwise you can whisk 100 gr. of amaretto biscuits with the emulsion.

In the meantime, turn on the gelato maker machine and stir for about 30/40 min. or until you see the a well mounted gelato.

At this point add the 10 crushed amaretto biscuits  and mix again.

Let stand for about 1 hour in the freezer.

See you soon with new recipes


Valentina Pacini


Amaretto Gelato

Amaretto Gelato


  • Julie says:

    Can you please tell me the American equivalent of milk powder and stabilizer? Is milk powder dehydrated milk?

    • GelatoMyWay says:


      what we call “milk powder” is also known as “powdered milk” or “dried milk” and is obtained by evaporating milk to powder.
      Dried milk is used in gelato production to obtain a balanced mix of ingredients.

      Use of skimmed dried milk is recommended in our recipes since whole dried milk would add to much fat (whole dried milk is 26% fat rich) and unbalance the mix of ingredients.
      Check your local food stores for genuine, high quality, skimmed dried milk.

      Use of stabilizers is needed to homogenize the fat and water content of the ingredients mix to prevent ice crystals from forming and as a result, gelato (ice cream) will be easyer to scoop , creamy and “textured” at taste.
      Please check our gelato ingredients page for an explanation of what stabilizers are.

      One USA supplier of pastry products is PastryChef where you can buy ice cream stabilizers.
      Check carefully the product directions for the right quantities and , since use of stabilizers is almost unavoidable, always try to find those employing only natural ingredients.

      If You need further help You can also contact us directly at info@gelatomyway.com .

      Thank You!
      Valentina P.

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