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Bavarian soft fruit cream

Welcome back,

Today I present You one of my favorite desserts: the Bavarian creamsoft fruit version (could You doubt it?).

I propose  portions  served directly in the cup, because for some very important dinners,  I happened to present it this way; it looks elegant, even if it requires much more space in the fridge.

Otherwise You can present it in the classic version  or into the circular star  mold  or, better, still in the “donut” mold , filling the center hole with a fruit decoration .

Below is the recipe …


500 gr. of soft fruit (also frozen is fine);
250 ml of cream;
120 gr. of powdered sugar;
8 gr. of gelatin sheets;
1/2 cup of water
2 tablespoons  of “limoncello”  (or other liqueur of your choice).


Put the gelatin in cold water, meanwhile sauté 450 gr. of soft fruit with 100 grams of sugar and water until the sugar has been absorbed.

Blend in a mixer and then, if you want a smoother texture, sift through a sieve to remove the small seeds.

Take a cup of cream and bring it to a boil letting the squeezed gelatine dissolve, then stir in the fruit cream.

Mount the remaining cream until stiff and mix with fruit, (I highly recommend it!) always from the bottom up.

Now put the portions in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

When ready to serve, use the remaining fruit and sugar and let it caramelize in a pan with the liquor .

Decorate Your Bavarian cream with berries and a dusting of  powdered sugar, then serve your friends will be delighted!

See You soon!!!


Valentina Pacini


Bavarian soft fruit cream

Bavarian soft fruit cream


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