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Cooking show at Agugliano 2013

Welcome back,

our recent trip to Agugliano for the annual Gelato (Ice Cream) Festival gave us pleasant surprises and moments that will remain forever etched in our minds.

During  the cooking show we had the chance to see and taste the work of a great Italian gelato Master : Mr. Santo Musumeci.

Gelato (ice cream) master and  maker, as well as pastry chef in Randazzo (Catania,Italy), he performs this job since about  40 years ago, with, today,  the same attention, care and passion he had 40 years ago.

He’s also very lucky because living in a land, Sicily (Italy) , full of exceptional raw materials (pistachio, almonds, citrus, hazelnuts …) he has a natural aid  to every delight that he proposes.

With humility he woke up very early that morning ( at 6 o-clock AM he 6 was already mixing am baking in a local bakery!) , and has prepared for us and for all participants at the live show, the typical Sicilian pastries: the “breasts”.

The shape of this pastries is reminiscent of the female breast,hence its italian name!

Directly in front of our eyes, Musumeci has cut “mammelle”  one by one  and stuffed them with his precious “Green Gold of Sicily” Gelato (ice cream).

This gelato taste  won the MIG (International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato) of Longarone (Italy) in 2011 and it couples 2 typical flavors of Sicily (Italy): pistachio and mandarin.

I can’t describe You the sensation I had while eating it but I can assure You that You must try it at least once  in Your life ! 😉

Back  to the cooking show, in addition to gelato master Musumeci, we’ve been pleased to see other  Italian and International gelato (ice cream) masters at work.

Mr.Emilio Peretti, gelato maker and master  from Lazio (italy) region,  has prepared and explained his gelato ( ice cream) “cream of tradition” and soon we will give you the recipe that he shared with us.

The gelato makers from Gran Canaria , Mr. Gianfranco Viscito and Mr.Diego Guerrer0 have instead prepared their plantain and gofio gelato ( ice cream) , using a milk base.

Gofio is a typical food of the Canary Islands made from a set of lightly toasted cereals (maize, wheat and barley) and sometimes legumes.

Pairing gofio with a white base  (plain milk) and plantain (banana) is the typical use  that indigenous canarian people make  for breakfast, similar to the western mix  of milk, granola and fruit western that we are used to.

Afterwards we tasted a drink  made with strawberry gelato (ice cream) and Verdicchio wine, proposed to us by gelato ( ice cream) maker Mr. Antonio Amati from Lombardia region (Italy).

Finally, last but not least,  a gelato (ice cream)  from Mr. Nicola Salerno from Caltanissetta, Sicily (Italy) , that offered us his “Bronte Pistachio” Gelato; what to say except that it was… great?

Mr. Salerno amused us with an anecdote happened to him in his gelato shop about banana gelato:  a customer asked him why the color of his banana gelato ( ice cream) was not yellow as in the other gelato (ice cream) parlors, and he simply answered ” the other shops grind the peels, I grind  only flesh! “.

That says a lot about how sometimes we are  misled by the vivid colors of food  that, certainly, makes it more attractive but it does not mean that  it is more healthy …

I greet You with a rundown of the highlights of the event.



Valentina Pacini



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