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Whipped Cream Siphon

Instructions for use.


“I was sick of heavy and tasteless mousse . Thanks to the siphon used for whipping cream I knew I had found the right machine to make foams made with  vegetables , fresh and dried fruits, herbs and spices. “


This is how one of the most respected chefs in the world, Ferran Adrià, explains his idea of ​​using the siphon  to make frothy any ingredient never whipped before.

1994: this date marks the birth of the scientific creative cuisine and the rise of the famous chef, nicknamed since then ‘ Mister Siphon’.

Today’s most popular chefs in the world create, thanks to this tool, salmon, tomato, white chocolate mousse  and our chef Massimo Bottura even invented  a mortadella mousse.

In the dedicated section I will explain some of the sweet dishes , very easy to do but effective, that You can realize with a siphon!.

As has happened to me several times, you can  surprise your guests with a fun and unusual off-menu …

It’s a tool composed of four parts:

  •      the container in which to pour  ingredients;
  •      the closure that is screwed on the container and that holds the CO2 cartridges;
  •      the compressed  CO2 cartridges ;
  •      the spouts of various forms to achieve different foams.



In preparations, filter carefully  any liquid before

introducing it  in to the siphon  with the help

of a fine mesh strainer to prevent solids from damaging the tool.


Below is a short video of the most famous manufacturer of siphons that explains how to make a proper use.

Good vision,


Valentina Pacini




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