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Test: YagYami Doll

Hello and welcome back,

some time ago we reviewed a very particular object from  YagYami Limited company.

“YagYami doll” consists of a gelato ( ice cream ) dispenser made of safe , totally non-toxic, food-grade plastic, representing famous cartoon characters and comprising an internal, manually controlled, mechanism, with no electrical parts or anything dangerous to children, that enables a controlled gelato flow.

Gelato or ice cream protrudes from the top of the doll through a perforated cartridge, which is at the same time distributor and container.

In some models the holes from which gelato or ice cream exits  have the form of stars or hearts, and then the flow takes these forms, making the use of the doll even more fun.

The product is brand new: presented for the first time in the U.S. in November 2012, and it has seen its European debut at Sigep in Rimini and surely will soon be marketed in Italy.

YagYami doll

YagYami doll

At our request, we obtained a sample from the company and we gave it  to a family with children to try it .

Following is the interview with the parents:

Question:How did your children feel with the YagYami doll?

Answer: The girls literally contended the possibility of eating gelato ( ice cream ) from the doll.

They took it as a game and had fun seeing spaghetti pour out from the bear’s head.

Q: Has it been simple to load the  Yag Yami doll with gelato ( ice cream )?

A: We were surprised by how easy it  is to load and also to  disassemble before washing it in the dish-washer, very comfortable.

Q: Did children get dirty while eating gelato ( ice cream ) ?

Normally our girls get dirty (especially the younger), both with cones and with the cups , but with the doll they ended up clean.

Q: Would you buy the YagYami doll, if it were sold in gelato ( ice cream ) shops that you regularly go to (€ 5 loaded with gelato )?

A: Price seems a bit high for us because we should buy two, but considering that you can take it home and reload it , we probably would buy.

We will give the YagYami Doll to other families to try it, and we’ll publish the results  because the product seems innovative and fun.

If you are interested please write to us or directly to the manufacturer:

Product Brochure

Website: www.yagyami.com

Email: marketing@yagyami.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/yagyami

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