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News from Agugliano 2013

Agugliano, Italy, “Gelato Artigianale Festival” 7-8-9 June 2013


Welcome back,

The 4th Gelato Artigianale Festival in  Agugliano, Italy ended on June 9, 2013 ; GelatoMyWay.com attended  on both Saturday and Sunday to closely follow the tasteful event.
There was a surprisingly high number of proposed tastes and You could also see lectures and a cooking show; very interesting!

There were 24 Master gelato ( ice cream ) makers, from different regions of Italy and also from England, Canary Islands and Greece, all divided into 15 booths arranged along the streets of Agugliano (Italy) old town.

Many, as I said, the  tastes on offer, and some really strange; GelatoMyWay.com gave the preference to two gelato (ice cream ) Masters from the Canary Islands (the Brazilian Diego Guerrero and our compatriot Gianfranco Viscito) with their tastes “popcorn” and “pear, gorgonzola and walnuts “. In our opinion they were the best for their skill in whipping gelato (ice cream), fullness of flavor and mouthfeel. In short, a real “experience” of taste.

We’ve been particularly impressed by the “popcorn” taste that the Master gelato makers have been able to make so real to confuse the palate and make one believe not to eat a gelato (ice cream) !

The “pear, gorgonzola and walnuts” was superb and very realistic, with well blended pieces of pear that never felt “cool”  to the palate.
We gave them the our maximum rating for the taste and due to the  difficulty in making gelato ( ice cream )  with sour ingredients.

On our virtual “podium” there’s also “the flower of basil oil and white pepper” by Master gelato ( ice cream ) maker Nikolaos Christogeorgos from Greece, really delicious!

No italian Master  gelato maker, in our opinion,  has managed to beat these 3 flavors, although , comparing to Orvieto and Florence festivals, these were almost all of very high quality.

We also mention “sassi neri” from  Marche, “fior di lavanda”  from Britain and the “cassata della Sicilia”, as well as the more traditional “caffe'”, “stracciatella” (with chocolate domori), “pistacchio”, “pompelmo” “rosa”, “mango” …

Just thinking about it makes me think of how many we tasted!

Let’s talk about the Festival: in different parts of Agugliano there were counters where You could buy coupons for tastings (€ 7,00 for  3 flavors plus 1 taste at Varnelli stand (liquors)).Portions served at gelato (ice cream) stands were really plentiful .

As in other events, unfortunately, the ingredients list was not exposed to the public, but all the boys at the stands were extremely friendly and polite and  prepared to answer all questions about the ingredients .

The only drawback of the stands was the fact that gelato (ice cream) tubs  inside the chiller were not much  visible , something that we think should be improved: when we talk about handmade products that aim for excellence, the product must be shown  and presented at its best.

An interesting new feature of the Festival was the creation of a real laboratory of homemade gelato (ice cream) in the local movie theatre, where people  had the opportunity to watch and interact with Master gelato (ice cream) makers during the convulsive stages of preparation of the enormous amount of gelato ( ice cream)  created.
A unique opportunity to enjoy the “show” of gelato ( ice cream) “art work” in the comfort of sitting in armchair.

Unfortunately, we have to say, some of  the Masters did not leave the working area perfectly clean for the next round, so, at times, we noticed a bit of confusion …

A very nice one, the show offered by the Zoldo Gelato Masters , that, on this occasion, ventured into the preparation of a “granita” (water-ice).

Always extremely kind to everyone, ready to offer advice and share their vast experience as skilled artisans , the Zoldo Gelato Masters gave, once again, to the enchanted audience,  flavors and  sensations of the past. We love them!

A tasty proposal the one from “Break & Go” stand (we had already got to know them  in January at Sigep 2013), with their “walking” cookies; really “glam”!

Also interesting was the conference  “Artisanal  gelato (ice cream) as promotion of the territory among taste … art and sport …”, where “sport” was to indicate the presence on stage of Marco Meoni, award-winning volleyball champion , which  started a very successful gelato  (ice cream) parlor in Porto Recanati (Italy).

During the conference it’s been presented the book by Roberto Lobrano “Ice Cream Business, start-ups and innovative marketing in ice cream” where  the author wants to explain how to manage and motivate staff, how much it costs and how can an artisanal gelato shop be profitable and the differences that exist among the various kinds of gelato shops present on the market worldwide.

Each day of the festival we’ve been able to enjoy a (very special) limited edition gelato (ice cream) created by Paolo Brunelli: “beer gelato (ice cream) with chocolate-scented tobacco Domori of Morogoro” (in collaboration with Apecchio  beer town, Italy,) on Friday, ” Ciaculli late mandarin sorbet with sparkling Verdicchio wine “on Saturday,” almond praline of Val di Noto ‘dusted’ with pecorino cheese from Monti Sibillini “on Sunday.

Soon you will read our report of the” cooking show” where an inimitable gelato Master, Santo Musumeci,  has dispensed his art, amazing public with his art of pastry and gelato creations with his “breasts “, an ancient typical Sicilian sweet …


Santo Musumeci

Santo Musumeci

We also learned about the art of  Sardinian “carapigna”  by Graziano Pranteddu, a “carapigneri” of the middle Campidano (sardinia island, Italy) that, as the Zoldo Gelato Masters, still produces this sorbet with ancient techniques.

Graziano Pranteddu

Graziano Pranteddu

Overall, the 4th Gelato Festival Agugliano can yearn to become a point of reference for the real Italian gelato (ice cream) , for the professionalism of the participating Masters and the overall quality of the gelato ( ice cream) offered to the public.
If some logistic aspects are definitely improvable, great was the given ability to interact with the gelato Masters throughout the festival; a rare opportunity for cultural growth in this type of events where the economic/commercial aspect usually prevails.

See you soon!!!




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