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Welcome back,

have you ever heard of kiwana?

Kiwana: an exotic animal, an African country, a river …

None of this: it is a sorbet made ​​with kiwi and banana !

I wanted to experience this taste suggested to me by Lorenzo Marconi of “Le botteghe di Leonardo” at the Gelato (ice cream)  Festival in Florence.

You’d think (honestly I thought it too) that  the two together would give a horrible taste  … instead,  it is fantastic, try it!

Forgive me  in advance, because, at the time of composing the cup, I realized that I had used all the Kiwis and I had not left even a little bit for decoration; I  replaced Kiwis with a little mint sprig!

Here’s the recipe…


150 gr. of banana
100 gr. of kiwi
180 gr. of sugar
400 ml of water
4 gr. of stabilizer

Measure water and pour it into a bowl with sugar, banana and kiwi then  blend well in a blender.

Add stabilizer and stir, then put the liquid into the ice cream maker machine  and stir for at least 25/30 minutes.

When it is ready, put it in the freezer for at least an hour and …

…it  is now ready to be enjoyed!


Valentina Pacini





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