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4th Artisanal Gelato Festival

“4th Artisanal Gelato Festival” – 7/9 June 2013


Almost a year has passed since my gastronomic enlightenment” and now we will return again to Agugliano, Italy, where, in the  former Convent of d’Emilio Castel , a very important event for Italian artisanal gelato will be held : the “4th Artisanal Gelato Festival.”

Here they  really know how to make gelato: either because the master gelato  maker Paolo Brunelli is a distinguished citizen of this small village, or thanks to Dr. Martino Liuzzi (president of the Association GAF Gelato Festival)  that dedicated his life to this food.

I first met Martin Liuzzi about a year ago, when I was still experimenting gelato recipes found on the web and I came across his introductory course for gelato enthusiasts.

4th Gelato Artisanal Festival

4th Gelato Artisanal Festiva

His  passion for this matter and attention about raw ingredients quality  has led me to make some considerations: most of the gelato shops on the market use powders to create gelato, sometimes because following or studying a recipe is not that easy, sometimes  for convenience , speed, or economic return.

I think that in the long run they’ll prove to be wrong, because I am convi

nced that quality pays (in terms of personal satisfaction) and consumers certanly  prefer quality products instead of poor, cheap ones..

The Artisanal Gelato Festival began three years ago thanks to Mayor Sauro Lombardi, the competence of the President of GAF Martino Liuzzi and professionalism of the master gelato maker Paul Brunelli: a long-awaited appointment, made in collaboration with Confartigianato of Ancona (Italy).

You can read the program following the link below:


I’ll be there, and you??


Valentina Pacini


4th Gelato Artisanal Festival

4th Gelato Artisanal Festival

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