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“Italia Gelato Tour 2013”

From Firenze Gelato Festival to Italia Gelato Tour 2013.


Last year Florence has become the gelato world capital , a giant open-air gelato parlor where visitors were able to enjoy the most varied gelato  types.

It was not a simple event, but a city-wide event, which involved the wonderful sights and characteristics of Florentine culture.

For the year 2013 this important event will start from the most beautiful squares of Florence and then move through the most important cities of Italy.
Italian Gelato Tour  roadshow will involve the best gelato  makers and the main Italian and foreign companies in the sector whose intent is to enhance the tradition of Italian gelato, invented in the Renaissance by the versatile artist Bernardo Buontalenti.
Italian Gelato Tour will stop in Florence with the Firenze Gelato Festival, but then will go on tour in Rome, Milan and Turin ; here are the dates of the events:

  • Florence May 17 to 26 with the Firenze Gelato Festival
  • Milan from 31 May to 2 June
  • Turin June 7 to 9
  • Rome June 21 to 23

Our editorial team will be present so continue to follow us to stay up to date …

Valentina P.

For info and contact:

mail: info@italiagelatotour.it
phone: 055 47891322.
Italia gelato tour

Italia gelato tour


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