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Malaga Gelato

Malaga Gelato (home-made italian ice cream).



This is a special gelato,  it is the only flavour that I don’t  even taste  since I have total aversion to sultanas.

I recall the first time I tried to make it …

A friend of mine, Simone,  is crazy about this flavor and a Saturday morning he called me and asked if I could prepare a Malaga gelato for the afternoon: “I bring the baby to the pool, on the way back , when I’ll call in, please ,  let me find one ready!.”

So it was, and here is the result …


½ l. of milk
65 gr. of cream
125 gr. sugar (if available, replace 50 gr. of sugar with dextrose)
15 gr. of milk powder
3 gr. of stabilizer
Pinch of salt
4 egg of yolks
4 tablespoons of rum
30 gr. of sultanas



Mix all dry ingredients together, then add the egg yolks while continuing to stir.

Finally add all the liquids and , after mixing well,  put everything in a saucepan and heat  up to 85 ° C with the help of a thermometer.

Allow  the emulsion to cool down, and in the meanwhile put the raisins in the rum for at least 15 minutes.

Add  rum and raisins to the base cream and stir.

Turn on the gelato maker machine , pour in the mixture and stir for about 30/40 min. or until you see a well mounted gelato.

Let stand at least 1 hour in the freezer.



Valentina Pacini


Malaga Gelato

Malaga Gelato


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