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“YagYami style”

Hello and Welcome back,

as you know we attended Sigep 2013  in Rimini, Italy.

This important gelato fair  has given us the opportunity to come into contact with new companies, which, sometimes, have interesting and innovative products.

During the visit we came across a small stand of  YagYami Limited company, which was displaying a new product that captured our attention and curiosity.

Protected by an international patent, the “YagYami doll” consists of a gelato dispenser made of  safe , totally non-toxic, food-grade plastic,  representing famous cartoon characters and  comprising an internal, manually controlled, mechanism,   with no electrical parts or anything dangerous to children, that enables a controlled gelato flow.

Gelato protrudes from the top of the doll through a perforated cartridge, which is at the same time a gelato distributor and container.

In some models the holes from which gelato flows  have the form of stars or hearts, adding  even more fun to the experience.

This is a brand new product presented for the first time in the U.S. in November 2012,  it has seen its European debut at Sigep, Rimini, Italy and surely will soon be marketed worldwide.

YagYami doll

YagYami doll

Our considerations:

The YagYami doll is  an innovative product and we’ve been immediately carried away by it .

It’s non-toxic, reusable and dishwasher safe.

It will be sold at a price of about 5€  (with a gelato refill)  and it can be refilled  countless times with homemade gelato.

In addition the YagYami doll could be easily adapted to convince “difficult” children eating vegetables or other food in the form of puree or mousse.

At our request we got a sample doll from YagYami company and we’ll soon  create a complete review so  keep following us on gelatomyway.com or via facebook to learn about all the interesting features and how children will  rate it.

Download here the product brochure


Company Website : www.yagyami.com

Mail : marketing@yagyami.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/yagyami

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