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Welcome Spring!

From Vivaldi to U2, most recently with Marina Rei,   spring has inspired composers of all genres and periods  …

The famous painting by Botticelli,”Primavera“, portrays it as a beautiful and ethereal figure that represents youth (not only in age, but also of the spirit).

Spring is the rebirth of life, the hope of renewal and fertility.

I imagined this gelato cup as the union between strawberry and fiordipanna (milk flavour)  gelato (home-made italian ice cream) with a carousel of fruit decorations.

Here’s the recipe …


Ingredients for a cup:

  • 2 scoops of fiordipanna (milk flavour) gelato


½ l. milk
65 gr. + 100 ml liquid cream
125 gr. of sugar (if available, replace 50 gr. of sugar with dextrose)
15 gr. of milk powder
3 gr. of stabilizer
Pinch of salt


Mix all dry ingredients together, add  the liquid and half vanilla bean and seeds, and finally mix well.

Put the mix in a saucepan and heat gently up to 85 ° with the help of a thermometer.

Allow  the emulsion to cool down; in the meantime, turn on the gelato  maker machine adding 100 ml of cream.

Stir for about 30/40 min. or until you see a well mounted gelato.

Let stand in the freezer for about 1 hour


  • 2 scoops of strawberry gelato


250 gr. of strawberries
210 gr. of sugar
500 ml. of water
3 gr. of stabilizer
200 ml of liquid cream

Measure water, then pour sugar and strawberries; blend well in a blender and strain through a fine-mesh strainer.

Add the stabilizer, cream and stir again, then turn on the gelato maker machine and  pour the liquid in while stirring for about 30/40 min. or until you see a well  mounted gelato.

Let stand in the freezer for about 1 hour.


  • Cut fresh fruit into small pieces and garnish



Valentina Pacini


Welcome Spring!

Welcome Spring!


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