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Ronci olive oil

Hello everyone!

As you read some time ago, I used flavored oil in one of my own creations for Valentine’s Day: hot chocolate cake accompanied by creamy vanilla gelato and flavored with hot pepper oil.

The oil in the recipe comes from the  Ronci mill that is  located in the countryside around Bevagna (near Perugia, Italy) and oil producers since 1960, in respect of the land and especially of plants.

The apparently risky combination  has been successful.

In the composition , oil is not only decorative but it perfectly complements the two desserts; try it.

As the owners say:

  Ronci Oil is pure “Passion”, the result of a deep knowledge of the territory, the wise and valuable tradition combined with modern techniques of cultivation and processing, based on the dictates of Organic Agriculture.

 Stay tuned, we will use this oil for other recipes.


Valentina Pacini




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