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Women’s day greethings!

March 8 … Women’s Day.

 “Every day is Women’s Day.  Those who just celebrate

March 8 is because they feel inferior”

(cited Geo)


Here we go again …

The phrase, that I agree with,  comes from a friend of mine,  although I like this celebration for the mimosa….not the flower …. the cake! I’ve a sweet tooth …

Last week I posted the recipe for diplomatic gelato (Italian Chantilly) suggesting You to keep in mind the recipe; now we will use it as the basis for our own mimosa gelato (home-made italian ice cream).



½ l. milk
65 gr. of cream + 150 gr. added directly to gelato
125 gr.  of sugar (if available, replace 50 gr. of sugar with dextrose)
15 gr. of milk powder
3 gr. of stabilizer
Pinch of salt
4 egg yolks
3 slices of pineapple (or syrup)
1 slice of sponge cake (use only the inner part, cut away the outer edges )
Cointreau (liquor)
Whipped Cream



Mix all dry ingredients together and stir while adding the egg yolks .

After mixing everything well, put the liquid in a saucepan adding the vanilla bean, cut for length, and bring to 85 ° with the help of a thermometer.

Allow the emulsion  to cool down  meanwhile Turn on the gelato  maker machine and add the emulsion and  cream.

Chopping pineapple.

Let it stir for about 30/40 min. or until You see well mounted gelato .

Let stand for about 1 hour in the freezer.

Take a nice cup, and fill the bottom with a piece of sponge cake and pineapple then soak  it with Cointreau liqueur (if you prefer a lighter soak,  boil a cup of water adding 1/2 glass of liquor and 2 tablespoons of sugar).

I use Cointreau liqueur, but you can replace it with Maraschino or Aurum.

With the remaining sponge cake cut it in small cubes of the same size (the mimosa of course).

Arrange 3 scoops of gelato in the cup, and garnish with cubes of sponge cake, pineapple and whipped cream.




Valentina Pacini


Mimosa Gelato

Mimosa Gelato


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