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“1st European Artisanal Gelato Day”

Hello folks,

You might not know that March 24, 2013 will be the 1st European Artisanal Gelato Day.

It is an initiative which was officially established by the European Parliament in Salzburg July 5, 2012 where 378 parliamentarians agreed that the European Artisanal Gelato Day (read the original declaration) is a unique opportunity to promote gelato as  a healthy and complete food, famous worldwide.

European Artisanal Gelato Day  will take place simultaneously in different countries (Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Czech Republic, as well as in the United Kingdom, Canada and Argentina) in order to promote artisanal gelato for its nutritional qualities, when produced with genuine ingredients, and to sensibilize public opinion and the European  Union representatives about the necessity to safeguard consumers and artisanal gelato makers by the promulgation of European Community regulations.

All  gelato makers joining the event will prepare a gelato  with the same recipe called “European Fantasy” :  Fiordilatte (milk flavor) with almond pralines, variegated with dark chocolate, at the standard price of € 1.00.

… aren’t we going to celebrate too??

We’ll give You a recipe soon… so that You’ll be able to prepare Your own personal “European Fantasy” and enjoy it with your family or friends …

Stay tuned,


Valentina Pacini

1st European Artisanal Gelato Day

1st European Artisanal Gelato Day


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