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Soft fruit mousse


If you’re new to the use of the cream whipper, my  advice is to read carefully the instructions about the safe use of this tool before going to prepare this recipe.

Use is very easy, but it still needs a little caution…

The recipe is for soft fruit, but you can modify it to your taste substituting with other fruits (strawberry / blueberry / raspberry / currant) and the result will not be different.


Ingredients (dose for a 500 ml cream whipper maker ):

300 cl. of cream
1 tablespoon of sugar (optional)
150 gr. soft fruit
1 tablespoon of Maraschino liqueur (or other equivalent liqueur )
1 sheet of gelatin



In a saucepan,  boil the soft fruit with sugar and liqueur, then add the gelatine previously soaked in cold water.

Blend all the ingredients and scour it through  a very fine colander.

Adding the cream and mixing all.

Create the mousse mixing the liquid in a cream whipper maker.

Enjoy your soft fruits mousse…


Valentina Pacini

Soft fruit mousse

Soft fruit mousse


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